Mercy Killers

The One-Man Show performed by Michael Milligan

Take Time Out to see critically acclaimed “Mercy Killers” at the American Theater Company

“Performer Milligan invests the character with a solid reality that lets us fill in all the gaps — we don’t have to be told where he shops or what he listens to on the radio — and convinces us that the story is about much more than a faulty health care system.” THE STAGE

“This is one man theatre at its very best. If you love to be challenged by the theatre you’re watching and leave the theatre willing to ask the questions that make a difference then Mercy Killers is a production you don’t want to miss.” BROADWAY BABY, UK

“The best theater kicks down walls, pulls off the gloves and starts swinging. Mercy Killers, written and performed by Michael Milligan is that kind of play.” HOW WAS THE SHOW

Mercy Killers is a raw, topical piece that shows the collision of ideals and reality in a system where health and well-being go up against profits. It is a show that is very much of the zeitgeist.” STAR TRIBUNE

“A deeply affecting love story. Michael Milligan astonishes.” REVOLUTION BOOKS

“It’s a tricky job, making political issues feel both dramatic and specific, but Milligan pulls it off.” TWIN CITIES.COM /ON STAGE

“There’s a marvelous and mysterious kind of alchemy at work in author and actor Michael Milligan’s mesmerizing, harrowing indictment of US healthcare. Milligan simultaneously delves beneath the foreground issues to the personal and national philosophies underlying the debate Stateside.” THE SCOTSMAN, EDINBURGH

“In our ever-present day of political discourse, finger-pointing, and profitable racket over healthcare, Milligan manages to strip down the arguments by humanizing them to a frustrating but immensely profound degree. A blistering one-man drama.” MANHATTAN DIGEST

“Raw, emotional and devastatingly honest.” THREE WEEKS, EDINBURGH

“The intensity of both the acting and the play’s themes packs a serious punch.” AISLE SAY TWIN CITIES

Now playing at the American Theater Company!

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