Mercy Killers

The One-Man Show performed by Michael Milligan

Mercy Killers review from Columbus: “….much more than a glorified sermon.”

Thanks to Richard Ades for seeing the show: “All but the most hard-hearted audience members are likely to find themselves tearing up when the moment of truth finally arrives.”

Dittohead with a grudge against the health-care system

by Richard Ades for Columbus Theater

Mercy Killers is a play with a message.

Playwright/actor Michael Milligan makes no attempt to hide that fact. And even if he did, the secret would be out as soon as you hit the ticket table and found it littered with handouts from a group called the Single-Payer Action Network.

The one-man play’s message is that America’s health-care system leaves people vulnerable to physical and financial ruin. And that’s true even if they have health insurance.

Fortunately, Ohio State alum Milligan is a thespian rather than a clergyman. As a result, the play is much more than a glorified sermon.

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